Animal Crackers Fast Forward

We now have 2 dogs. Our little one (a chihuahua mix) was once absolutely taken with our daughters Siberian Husky. She would just turn herself inside out whenever the husky came to visit. Rolling over on her back, in the Huskys face and wagging her tail so fast she almost flew. We have a couple of videos on YouTube that I wish I could share, but at the moment, I’m still learning how to use this technology. My daughter lost her precious dog approximately 10 months ago. While camping just recently a family pulled in with a Husky, next site over. Our little one was so excited! Then, after realizing it wasn’t her old friend, you could just read the disappointment on her face. Being that she is so small, she spent the rest of the weekend, on her belly, spying under that camper at the Husky. It was rather sad.
Now our larger dog (a Golden Retriever) has a new friend next to us in the same site at the campground. He is a chef. When he comes home, she goes over to greet him every time. She gives him the goofy squinty smile, lots of wags, kisses and licks of course. Can you imagine how good he and his shoes smell to her? We refer to him as “Scott the Lolly Pop.”

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